Advising Approach

As of March 16th 2020, all advising and new consultation sessions will be held on an online Telehealth and/or phone platform until further notice.


What is Advising?

Advising is an interactive process that helps you identify, plan for, and achieve short and long-term goals around academic, career, organizational, and lifestyle interests.

Advising supports you in recognizing and establishing your intentions, interests, abilities, and aspirations through a holistic, goal-driven, and solution-oriented approach.

Advising guides you in rediscovering and clarifying what is important to you, offering tools and resources for organization.

Advising can connect you to the resources you need beyond advising.

What is the difference between Advising and Counseling?

Although they share similarities, Advising and Counseling are two different things. Advising is geared towards problem-solving, by offering solution-focused assistance that is not therapeutic in nature. Simply put, an advisor will suggest a point of view and “advise” a client towards a goal, based on their own resources and wisdom. Advising can be supportive in finding solutions for academic and career processes, developing systems of organization, as well as formulating and implementing plans.

In contrast, Counseling offers space to examine one’s inner world, feelings, problems, and relational experiences. Counseling is a process of deep exploration in collaboration with a mental health professional, who offers reflective feedback, supportive dialogue, and expertise around psychological issues.

Mettafusion offers both Advising and Mental Health Counseling, depending upon individual needs of each client.