Natasha is a gifted massage therapist.  She is not only physically skilled, she is an intuitive healer.  She is aware that massage therapy is more than simply touching an area of the body in a specific way.  She has an ability to reach deep within herself and create an emotional and spiritual healing experience. It is a little bit of heaven.

Ocelli – Portland, OR

A session with Natasha is much more than a massage.  It is a healing experience for body and mind. I feel like she knows me (and my muscles) better than I do!

John Halcyon Styn – San Diego, CA

As a mother and dancer (athlete) I have needed her aid many times and have been blessed to have experienced her gentle healing powers.  Each treatment has left me in a state of contentment and bliss. Her treatment stays with you much longer than the time spent in her care.

Yemaya – Portland, OR